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blogging the blogs

It seems odd that the last post on my blog was about going from ghost to Jekyll over a year old! That isn't to say I haven't blogged, On a team who is responsible for accessibility? working with templates What is a component in a design system? Story...


going static

Seems like it is a New Year tradition that I move my blog to a new format. Last year I moved from Ghost to markdown and WordPress, this meant my site was a little easier to manage but also a lot slower. Over 2017 I got to use jekyll on a couple of si...


moving from mocha and chai to Jest

I already had unit tests against govuk-elements-nunjucks. They were using mocha (test runner) chai (assertion) and cheerio to query the HTML. One of the gaps in doing it this way is that it doesn't guard against new markup being added. Snapshots in j...


Say thank you

Improve team culture by showing gratitude. Gratitude doesn't come naturally to a person but it is an amazing quality that can help start to promote a positive team culture. Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for ...


That two year thing

There is nothing that interesting about the April 13th (Wikipedia fails me), apart from it was my first day as a front-end developer working inside DWP. I am fortunate to work inside Government and to be able to deliver services in the way we do and ...


Irregular week notes s01e02

If I had to describe my week in two words it would be proactive and disjointed. Work, work and work Last week I had a couple of days out of the office to attend dibi conference in Edinburgh. Which meant a lot of my working week has been catching up o...