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that writing habit

Recently I finished listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear. Similar to when we break down services or development work one of my biggest take away was: If you want to form a habit start with the smallest thing. If we think about the two extremes: ...

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my very own digital rot

Some time ago now I started moving some articles from medium to this blog when doing this I realised I had completely broken my own links when I moved from Jekyll to eleventy. It wasn't a platform disappearing it was a mistake with one line of code. ...

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the opportunity

After three attempts I've given up trying to write a 2019 review post. It has been a year of arkward team conversations and JFDI. It hasn't all been bad, the teams I have worked on have been resilient, held the course, and ultimately got the right re...

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blogging the blogs

It seems odd that the last post on my blog was about going from ghost to Jekyll over a year old! That isn't to say I haven't blogged, On a team who is responsible for accessibility? working with templates What is a component in a design system? Story...

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