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A few nice nice things from Maker Fair uk

If you've never been to a Maker Fair, it is an odd experience to describe, it is like a geeky tech show and tells. The best example I can give is the amazing, panecakeBot, which you can now buy. Do It Kits I love to see technology kits merged with mu...


give me problems to solve, not solutions implement

For a long time now I've generally been working to deliver user stories. If you are not familiar with a user story it will probably look something like this: Scenario: User adds item to cart Given I'm a logged-in User When I go to the Item page And I...


Good forms create good experiences

It was interesting reading Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability by Caroline Jarrett and Gerry Gaffney. This was published in 2008, and all it still remains true today. If you’ve ever used a recent Government service - you’ve should have...


Irregular week notes s01e01

It seems odd that we have stumbled into March already. February has flown by at a great speed, but then the start of the year is never that interesting. Monday As a front-end developer who works in a team it is always a nervous time when a new produc...


Irregular week notes s01e00 – the pilot

I enjoy reading peoples week notes. I first saw them crop up when Matt Jukes and Simon Wilson started sharing them. It is a great way of being open about what you are doing and tracking your own progress. I’m not sure I’d generally have enough to tal...


integration testing an api with mocha and superagent

This seemed to be the week people showed me testing triangles. If you’ve never seen one then I’ve included one below. This doesn’t give you the full range of tests but it does give you an overview. The top of the triangle can includes acceptance test...