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Weeknotes s01e05— refact0r_y0ur_life_away.mpeg

My s01e04 where not a typical week most weeks what I do is generally a lot more focused around development work (as you will see very shortly), but I am excited that I now have a streak of two. Monday I pushed an update to govuk-elements-nunjucks, it...

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Weeknotes s01e04 — the_reboot.mkv

My forth weeknotes — my first was back in April , this is some bad scheduling. I decided to change the format and do a daily post leading to a weekly post, hopefully this will be less disjointed. Monday I had some accessibility work on Friday I could...

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Steps for running an internal workshop for designers prototyping in code

One of the things I love most about working in Government is that the designers I get to work with code using the prototype toolkit. This is an Express app that allows a person to build a high fidelity prototype or demo of something to go into user r...

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Preparing my first talk

This year I set myself a few goals, one of which was to do more public speaking. I’m not sure anyone is really a natural public speaker, especially not me, but I do think it is a skill that can be developed. Sharing knowledge is one of the greatest a...

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moving from mocha and chai to Jest

I already had unit tests against govuk-elements-nunjucks. They were using mocha (test runner) chai (assertion) and cheerio to query the HTML. One of the gaps in doing it this way is that it doesn't guard against new markup being added. Snapshots in j...

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Say thank you

Improve team culture by showing gratitude. Gratitude doesn't come naturally to a person but it is an amazing quality that can help start to promote a positive team culture. Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for ...

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