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nunjucks for govuk elements – moving to consumable code

Some time ago I shared nunjucks macros (git) based around a couple of services I had built. These are a bit haphazard and had no testing around them at a component level (though they were well tested in a service.). They were also bloated due to neve...


getting started with a raspberry pi and node.js

Hardware hacking always sounds really fun, but I found it quite difficult to get into. I already had an arduino sat doing very little, I was then given a raspberry pi as a gift. These are a great credit-card sized computer, that can run many programm...


​links from Rise and Design – Service design

be curious. ask why. measure. fail small. early ugly often Some links Service Design Toolkit – Improve the quality of your service with this hands-on toolkit Design Kit: The Human-Centered Design Toolkit | OpenIDEO Development Impact and You...


January 2017 goals

I've never been good with "New Year's resolution", so I started to set monthly goals, more measurable and achievable. Finish Wes Bos's React for Beginners, and build something using React. Use more es6 in my production code Write 4 blogs St...


decoupling and abstraction

A couple things generally strike me when I approach a codebase - abstraction decoupling Abstraction - will allow code reuse in many parts of an application or difference services. Decoupling will remove dependencies between blocks of code. Abstractio...


unit testing javascript with mocha

Unit testing provides reassurance around your code. The point of it is to make sure the code is doing the right thing. These are the starting point for testing any application. It will allow code testing in isolation and provide instant feedback. Sam...