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going static

Seems like it is a New Year tradition that I move my blog to a new format. Last year I moved from Ghost to markdown and WordPress, this meant my site was a little easier to manage but also a lot slower. Over 2017 I got to use jekyll on a couple of si...

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templating - from html to macros

Whenever I am pairing with other developers we always seem to hit a similar topic; abstraction. There is ever a clear-cut answer to that question, as it requires the context of the code and the state of the application. Overly abstracted code can mak...

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Weeknotes s01e06-h3althy_t3ns1ons.mp4

I had an odd feeling looking at my weeknotes notes, they where blank this is probably reflective of an over busy week! Monday The Monday before a sprint ends is always an odd one, I seem to spend a long time closing JIRA tasks and making sure everyth...

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Weeknotes s01e05— refact0r_y0ur_life_away.mpeg

My s01e04 where not a typical week most weeks what I do is generally a lot more focused around development work (as you will see very shortly), but I am excited that I now have a streak of two. Monday I pushed an update to govuk-elements-nunjucks, it...

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Weeknotes s01e04 — the_reboot.mkv

My forth weeknotes — my first was back in April , this is some bad scheduling. I decided to change the format and do a daily post leading to a weekly post, hopefully this will be less disjointed. Monday I had some accessibility work on Friday I could...

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Steps for running an internal workshop for designers prototyping in code

One of the things I love most about working in Government is that the designers I get to work with code using the prototype toolkit. This is an Express app that allows a person to build a high fidelity prototype or demo of something to go into user r...

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