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Principles for user-centred front-end development

Whenever you publish, where ever you publish it is always a slightly weird feeling when you publish it for the first time.

When I write something it is either with a purpose to give people context or more often to give me clarity.

With The web we choose to build it was a post I had wrote ages ago, but recently validated with some other front-end developers.

A perfect alignment of clarity and purpose.

The princples -

  • Accessible — Use semantic HTML, and make sure we meet the WCAG 2.1 AA standard as a minimum and it works with assisted technologies (this sits alongside the DWP Accessibility Manual)
  • Agnostic — Build mobile-first and make it work across a range of devices, and user contexts
  • Robust — Use progressive enhancement, make sure what we build fails gracefully
  • Performant — Optimise our code/assets for the best possible performance across a range of networks and devices
  • Secure — Create a secure service which protects users’ privacy. Use strict content security policies and guard against common OWASP attacks.

From the The web we choose to build

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