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unit testing javascript with mocha

Unit testing provides reassurance around your code. The point of it is to make sure the code is doing the right thing. These are the starting point for testing any application. It will allow code testing in isolation and provide instant feedback. Sam...

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agile costs – Two week sprints (10 working days)

10 x Stand-ups (150 mins) 5 x Other stand-ups (75 mins) 2 x Three Amigos (120 mins) 1 x Show and tell (60 mins) 1 x Retrospective (60 mins) 2 x Backlog refinement (or worse - one long one) (120 mins) 1 x Sprint planning (60 mins) 1 x Dev-argue-about-...

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some postcards from dibi

I had the chance to attend dibiconf in London this week, this was my forth dibiconf! I've tried with each of the conferences I've been to this year to take notes in different formats. With DIBI I took written notes(terrible sketch notes). Below is a ...

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some stats from private beta

I have to confess, I like looking at Google Analytics data, it has an amazing amount of data that can be used to establish trends in a service. Below of a few general stats from the Private Beta for Report benefit fraud. This isn't going to go into s...

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I don’t know

As a front-end developer I get asked a lot of questions about html, css, infrastructure, git, accessibility and endless list of other topics. Sometimes I know, sometimes I know who will know other times I don't know. Admitting to not knowing is a sig...

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mapping out services

Last week, I had the intention of running a pages to pattern exercise across a number of Department for Work and Pensions front-end services (We had 10 in total, see photo). This was to give the other front-end folk more exposure to the different ser...

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