Brillaint Things

If you have never seen Every Brilliant Thing stop reading this, go watch it and come back afterwards.

As part of that writing habit slowly adding to a list of brilliant things seemed like the thing to do.

  1. Coffee (everything starts wtih coffee)
  2. The sound of a log fire
  3. Karaoke (bonus for Limp Bizkit)
  4. The colour purple
  5. Honey bees
  6. The sound of a kitkat breaking in two
  7. Doublethink
  8. Espresso Martini
  9. Frida Kahlo
  10. The Neon Museum
  11. C Am F G chords
  12. Fibonacci
  13. Yosemite
  14. The smell of freshly baked bread
  15. Beastie Boys
  16. Peanut butter cups
  17. Pickled onion Monster Munch
  18. The NeverEnding Story
  19. Mango
  20. The smell of spices toasting
  21. Ghost hunting podcasts
  22. Be more kind
  23. Holiday photos
  24. The noise at the start of any Star Wars intro
  25. Doom
  26. The fold of the first silce of pizza before you eat it
  27. Theatre shows
  28. Snow
  29. The beach at Craster
  30. Royal Rumbles
  31. The first sip of an ice cold beer
  32. Postcards
  33. Dorilocos
  34. Microserfs
  35. Nerd-core
  36. Resident Evil 2
  37. Yucca plants
  38. Movies based on video games
  39. Every time you hear 'lust for life'
  40. Home haircuts
  41. Zines
  42. Maniac Mansion
  43. LeFou’s Brew
  44. Mixtapes
  45. Prime numbers
  46. Overpriced cinema food