that offline thing

that offline thing

If you are reading this you've probably found one of three things

  1. 1. you've visited when you don't have a connection after visiting the main site
  2. 2. you've found the /offline link
  3. 3. you've sneaked a look on GitHub

One of the many great things we can now do on websites is provide an offline version of the page.

This for my context isn't really that useful, but if you run a service you can still provide a user experience for someone even without a connection.

A slightly more useful example this is Resilient Web Design by Jeremy Keith which provides an offline version.

Jake Archibald wrote The offline cookbook which gives an overview of different methods of caching with Service workers.

This won't work for everyone - but it does provide an enhancement for some users.

At the time of writing this, 8th of January 2018, can I said browser adoption was about 50% in the UK and 73% globally.

Caching benefits aside using a service worker is a great way to add another layer of failure to your site.